Berth Reservation Service

Zakynthos is the southernmost island in the Ionian Sea and one of the busiest Greece ports of entrance. It offers an array of services and facilities to welcome your yacht. Yachts from Europe arrive through several Greek ports of entry annually and one of the busiest ports of entry in Greece is Zakynthos. This location has easy access to the international airport and can berth 40 yachts up to 120 metres. Additionally, Isala Yachting will present you with some of the most beautiful and practical anchorages on the island and we will provide information to improve the yachting experience for captains, owners, and guests. If you are looking for a berth reservation or the best places to anchor in Zakynthos, send us a message, and our yachting agents will get back to you with detailed maps, instructions, and suggestions.

Berth Reservation Service Berth Reservation Service
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